Giving birth in Germany as an International – how does that work?

How do I get financial support? What happens at a German hospital during labour?

My Baby Planner is by your side through the entire pregnancy and beyond

Being pregnant raises lots of questions – especially for first time mums. Where can I find a midwife? I’m afraid of giving birth, can I do all of this? Which baby bed should we buy? What does my health insurance cover? 

As a certified baby planner, organizational talent and mother of three, I know: Information and organization are the key!

Parents should make their decisions self-determined and independently. I will help you with this.

Services and topics you need to know

All about birth and postpartum period

How and where to deliver our baby

Advice on the desired delivery location, preparation for the birth and creation of a birth plan. This will help you to feel safe in Germany when it comes to delivery.

In addition: What do mom and baby need in the clinic and in the puerperium? Pre-natal acupuncture by our midwife Vanessa

Safely accompanied through pregnancy

Would you like to have everything organized until the baby comes?

Advice on all examinations, health care services and IGEL services during pregnancy, help with finding a midwife and organization for each trimester: What should be done and when before the baby arrives?

Nursery & Home Organization

From sleeping to changing table

Where should the baby sleep and how should I even set up the changing table? We go through your home and do everything we can to warmly welcome your baby.

Applications: Parental Allowance (Elterngeld) & Co.

What’s the right model for you and your family?

Advice on all financial support and bureaucratuc aspects that come with the birth of you as a family living abroad. Maternity protection allowance, parental allowance, health insurance, parental leave, paternity, child allowance and Co.

Application service and appointment reminder. So that you don’t miss a deadline!

Baby gear consulting, breastfeeding & care

What does my baby need?

Which stroller or car seat to buy? Clothes for a summer baby? What toys does a baby need? What do I need to breastfeed or feed?

The list for initial baby equipment and baby registry is long! We discuss what you really need.

Independent research guaranteed.

Celebrating life and me-time

Welcome baby!

Creating beautiful moments: Everythingabout traveling with a baby, first-aid kit.

Capture beautiful moments: with baby bumpers and family photos or plaster casts.

Also for mom: Fit after pregnancy

Back to Work: When and how do I start my professional life again?

Baby Füttern

Nutrition, Sleep and baby carrier

Support after birth

Breastfeeding or formula – your baby is hungry! What is best for your baby and family situation?

How do we find a a rhythm and why does my baby not sleep?

Which baby carrier is good for me?

How about being active after post partum?
We’ll find a solution for your questions.

Multiples, Bed rest or relatives in need of care

Support in special situations

There are circumstances that make pregnancy special. Often particularly exhausting for the mother-to-be. Prescribed bed rest, relatives you care for, single parents, a premature baby, expecting multiples or just a partner who has to work a lot and can’t be with you.

You are not alone in this situation and help and support are particularly important. It doesn’t matter whether it’s talks or I’ll do the administrative work for you.

What does prenatal care look like with My Baby Planner?

Save your free 15-minute welcome talk: Here we get to know each other, discuss options and see how and with which topics I can best provide support.

The advice is individual and personal. Tailored to your questions, wishes and your budget.

Offline in Koblenz area. Bonn, Köln and Frankfurt/Main area at request. Online all over Germany.

Get your free trial here

Please contact me to schedule your free 15-minute consultation to discuss how you can take advantage of my services. Don’t live in the Koblenz area? I am pleased to be able to work closely with families across Germany using our virtual services!

About me and my work

Find our more about Christine and her work as baby planner

My Baby Planner advantages for you

Certified Baby Planner from BPU California, USA

Advice with a heart – from mom to mom

Excellence in service

Happiness for the whole family

Customized advice – we care for what you need

Baby gear service: So that you only buy what you really need

I am on your side when you need me

Online consulting possible

Frequently Asked

I don’t have a midwife yet – what can I do?

Finding a midwife has become very difficult. Contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy so that I have a better chance of referring you.

From which month of pregnancy does a consultation make sense?

The sooner the better!

There is a lot to organize and do. The more time we have for it, the more relaxed it is. But don’t worry if you’re running late. We can do this together!

Can my partner/husband join our consultation?

Yes – if you have booked one of the consulting packages or individual consulting, your partner/husband can join for free.

For the wokshops online your partner/husband can also join for free. For inhouse workshops I offer to charge a reduced ticket since the spots are limited.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, a free consultation of 15 minutes is available here. We can check if I can help with your questions and support you the way you need it.

Does the health care provider pay or refund Baby Planner consulting services?

The advice and workshops are unfortunately not covered by the health insurance companies.

But it’s worth it!

– You save the time of research and organization.

– You only buy what your baby really needs.

– With the right forms we can get the most money out of you as a family!

With regard to the advice and acupuncture by the midwife, costs may be covered if necessary. We will of course check this for you.

Can I upgrade my packet later?

Yes, you can update your package for free! Sometimes many questions come up during the process and need more time and consulting.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

If you a very unhappy with our services, please contact us directly and we will a solution. The payment though is upfront.

How do you provide your services? Inhouse or online?

Online support is available via video calls, WhatsApp, Email or phone.

Inhouse support is available for Koblenz, Bonn and Franfurt/Main. Further cities are charged by distance.

Where do the Workshops take place?

The inhouse workshops will take place in Koblenz at a midwife clinic, as soon as the Covid regulations allow it again. Unfortunately, the workshops are in German (so far). I am working on an English version.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?
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