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Starting my mom life

Hello – I’m Christine, mom of three children and your expert in all matters relating to pregnancy, childbirth and babies! When I became pregnant for the first time 9 years ago, I was overwhelmed: I experienced great joy, but also a lot of open questions. What’s right for me and my baby? I was in a new city, with no extended family or friends nearby – in my first pregnancy my husband and I felt alone facing with many unknowns. Very often I felt unsure or overwhelmed with all the information and well-intentioned tips.

I now have three children. With every pregnancy, every birth and in exchange with many mothers, I have learned something new. The time at the preventive medical checkups is short, the midwives are short of time or even completely booked – and many questions go unanswered and uncertainties remain. Forms, planning and bureaucracy: Organizing became my greatest strength. This has helped me to get through my next pregnancies and births, especially considering I was still without extended family to support me and had a young children at home. The skills I learned studying business administration and finance helped me to become an efficient and organized mother.  I have also had the experience of working abroad for a long time and can relate to how challenging it is to feel alone, without the support of extended family. I am a certified BabyPlanner from BabyPlanner University, California. Now, prepared with this knowledge and experience, my goal is to help pregnant women and growing families!

This is how My Baby Planner was born…

My vision is to educate, support and guide pregnant mothers and parents-to-be. As a mother of three I know how many topics you have to think about during pregnancy … Hours of research on the right maternity clinic, reading test reports on baby mattresses and poring over dozens of books? That is time-consuming, exhausting – and overwhelming! My experience has shown me: with a little organization and structure, you can be optimally prepared for the baby without getting stressed – and even master the annoying paperwork! This takes the pressure off you so that you can prepare well for your baby and look forward to growing your family with 100% of your energy.

During my time abroad in particular, I have experienced how difficult it can be to receive good medical care in a foreign health system and in a different language. Getting pregnant and giving birth in a foreign country poses even more challenges for every family. I would be happy to be by your side!

I can help you negotiate through the  German authorities and health system safely and efficiently.

I use every free minute for sport and I love being in nature with my children!

Every child is a universe of possibility that reaches into eternity.

Charles Chaput

Professional and reliable

As a certified baby planner from BabyPlanner University California with a talent for organization and the experience of being a mother of three, I know all the important things it takes to welcome a baby.

Thanks to my degree in business administration, I have a knack for finances, numbers and bureaucracy. With me you have the possibility of complete care: I can recommend the wonderful midwife Vanessa, from the midwifery practice Nueva Vida, Vallendar. She accompanied me through all my pregnancies and over the years we have built a very trusting relationship. And of course I am happy to work with a midwife of your choice.

Always there for you

I offer a confidential place for your wishes and needs. I can support you as a pregnant woman with all the emotions and feelings that come with being pregnant.  Also new dads have worries that I can help address and for you as your family prepares to grow.

Every pregnancy, every birth and every baby is unique. That is why my advice is individual and personal. I am available for you by phone, WhatsApp, email, video call or personally – for small and large questions.

Accompanying and supporting pregnant women and growing families on their way has become my hearts project and with starting My Baby Planner I recognize it is also a calling!

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you your journey of growing your family



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